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How to Make Iced Coffee with Instant Coffee

How to Make Iced Coffee with Instant Coffee

It’s probably the easiest iced coffee you can make! Simply mix instant coffee with cold water and ice cubes and you have a refreshing beverage in seconds. You can get more sophisticated by using frozen coffee cubes or mixing the instant coffee with milk for an iced latte!

Coffee with Evaporated Milk or Condensed Milk instead of Cream

Coffee with Evaporated Milk – Use Condensed Milk instead of Cream?

Have you ever wondered what do you do with your creamers if it happens to be expired? Well, here’s the solution for that particular inconvenience – evaporated milk. Evaporated milk is a great substitute for making your coffee very tasty. Using evaporated milk is a great way of having a creamy cup of coffee without using any type of dairy or creamer. Evaporated milk in coffee tastes delicious!