How to Make Iced Coffee with Instant Coffee

Can you make iced coffee with instant coffee?

The short answer: Yes, you can! And, it’s pretty easy. Possibly even the easiest way to make iced coffee!

However, you can’t make cold brew with instant coffee. The simple reason is that instant coffee is made from hot brewed coffee, so you can’t magically make cold brew coffee after it’s been brewed hot!

How to Make Iced Coffee with Instant Coffee

Does Instant Coffee work for Iced Coffee?

The best thing about using instant coffee to make iced coffee is that it is very fast. And that means it’s very easy.

You simply measure a few spoons of instant coffee into a glass and then pour cold water over it. Use a spoon to mix the water with the coffee and then fill it up with ice cubes. Voila – your iced coffee is ready!

Can you Mix Instant Coffee with Cold Water?

Yes, instant coffee can be mixed with cold water. It might take a bit longer to dissolve the coffee granules in cold water, but eventually, they do.

Nescafe in Greece has a special instant coffee to make Frappe. You can get that in the States and many other countries as it’s specifically made to dissolve in cold water. A tip is to use a handheld frother to create a frothier iced coffee and to ensure that the granules are all dissolved perfectly!

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Elevating your Instant Iced Coffee

You can also elevate this simple iced coffee in a few ways. First, you can brew regular coffee and then fill it into ice cube trays. Freeze them, and you have coffee ice cubes to use for your iced coffee. That way, the coffee will not get diluted when the cubes melt, and you enjoy a consistently aromatic iced coffee!

Making Iced Latte with Instant Espresso

Another alternative is to use instant espresso to make an iced latte. The instant espresso works the same way an instant coffee is made.

The manufacturer brews the espresso and then freeze-dries it. You, in turn, take those freeze-dried coffee granules and dissolve them in water.

You’ll end up with a good base for an iced latte. Simply add cold milk and ice cubes (or frozen coffee cubes) and mix it all together. You have a great iced latte instantly.

If you want, you can even use a milk frother to froth the cold milk lightly (Frothed Milk vs Steamed Milk – What are the Differences?). It’s usually much easier to froth warm milk, but you can get a little froth going with cold milk.

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Iced Latte with Frozen Instant Espresso Cubes

Another variant you can make is to mix your instant espresso granules with cold water. Fill the instant espresso beverage into an ice cube tray and freeze it.

When you want to make your iced latte, you fill the glass with the frozen instant coffee or espresso cubes and pour cold milk over it. Let that sit for a few minutes so the frozen coffee cubes start to melt, and you get a smooth-tasting iced latte.

To elevate your instant iced latte further, use condensed milk to substitute some regular milk. Condensed milk is sweetened and will make your iced latte taste a bit more like a dessert – Coffee with Evaporated Milk – Use Condensed Milk instead of Cream?

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How to find the best Instant Coffee or Instant Espresso?

When you’re thinking of instant coffee (What Is the Difference between Instant and Ground Coffee?), then the first thought is probably either Nescafe or Folger’s. However, there are many more smaller coffee providers out there that have surprisingly delicious instant coffee.

You also can find delicious instant coffee from Starbucks that works fantastic to brew your iced coffee with. The instant coffees you get today are not the ones your parents or grandparents used to have.

Today you can pick quality instant coffee from many providers to make delicious iced coffee or an iced latte. Try to get instant coffee that’s made with Arabica beans. These end up with a smoother aroma. Robusta beans are often more bitter and have a less-rounded aroma.

It’s so easy and quick to make your iced beverage this way that you really can try various different coffee roasts and ingredients to find your perfect recipe.

Alternatively, there are also several artisan coffee companies offering coffee concentrate. It’s coffee that’s brewed to perfection, and then some of the water gets extracted. You simply add milk (for an iced latte) or water (for iced coffee), some ice cubes, or coffee cubes, and you’re ready to kick back and enjoy. It really doesn’t get much simpler than that!

Using Instant Coffee to make Iced Coffee
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