About dripped.coffee and myself!

I can’t really remember when I had my first cup of coffee. I wasn’t hooked after my first cup but over time I developed a craving for great coffee.

My earliest memories of coffee are when my parents made a pot in the morning. They used a drip coffee maker while my grandparents were still boiling water and made pour-over coffee. It’s kind of funny to see that coffee stores like Starbucks offer pour-over coffee these days.

Over the years I did drink more and more coffee. Being in IT does, as the stereotype suggests, drinking lots and lots of coffee. I might not be the person that always goes for the most flavorful special coffee. I rather drink a lot of coffee and as such prefer smoother coffee every day.

However, in the afternoons or sometimes in the evening I do have cravings for a special cup. This is when I definitely make a cup or two that are not your run-of-the-mill coffee you get in every store.

Over the years I started to get coffee beans whenever my family and I travel. I know that does not make me an expert but I did have a chance to drink and bring home coffee from many countries in Europe and some in middle America.

Some of the best beans I was able to get were from Vienna. If you ever get there then get coffee at Hotel Sacher. It’s the same hotel that has the famous Sacher Torte.

Enough about me and the different coffees I enjoyed over the years. I started dripped.coffee to share some information on coffee and the tools you need. I will also describe some of the coffee traditions in different countries.

I’m sure we all have seen coffee and espresso bars in Italy (at least in photos). I personally think the coffee houses you can find in Vienna are a lot more stylish. You get coffee and cake and you take your time to devour the served goods while you read a book or the newspaper. A really relaxing way to enjoy an afternoon!

Anyway, I’ll be sharing what I have learned and what I’m still learning about coffee, coffee tools, and traditions. I hope you’ll enjoy reading about coffee as much as I enjoy drinking it!

Leave a comment or use the contact form to reach out. I’m always looking forward to hearing and reading about your stories involving coffee!



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