Best Espresso Syrup – How to Sweeten and Flavor your Coffee!

While there are a lot of options to choose from in the syrup industry, some brands or products could be better suited to your needs. Some are just used to make coffee taste sweeter, but most are flavored to add a kick to your morning brew.

What is Syrup?

When you buy the syrup, it will be bottled and usually will be flavored. It is made from a simple syrup and whatever flavorings or colors that are specific to that bottle. Syrups are usually best to use when recreating lattes or cappuccinos. You should keep in mind that coffee sauce works best in hot drinks, while coffee syrup works well in both cold and hot drinks. However, not all syrups are suitable for coffee. Coffee-flavoring syrups and agave syrups will be good in your coffee, but mixed-drink syrups will not since they are made for cocktails. You should also avoid using concentrates, as they already contain caffeine.

On your search, you will probably encounter Monin, Torani, DaVinci, Stirling, and Dolce syrups, as these are the most popular in the espresso syrup industry. Monin has a large range of over 70 flavors; anywhere from vanilla and caramel to lavender and gingerbread. Torani syrups contain no fat, and their endless flavors are all made with natural ingredients. DaVinci syrups have more than 60 flavors. Stirling syrups are highly concentrated and are usually less sweet because of the natural ingredients used to make them. Dolce has more than 35 flavors and is sugar-free and free from carbohydrates.

If you are worried about sweetening your coffee but also staying healthy, you should keep in mind that one pump of syrup is equivalent to one pack of sugar. It is recommended to use a tablespoon of syrup for each ounce of coffee. So for an 8-ounce cup of coffee, you should be using 2 tablespoons of syrup which is equivalent to 4 pumps of syrup. For 12 ounces of coffee, you should use 3 tablespoons of syrup or 6 pumps. Finally, for a 16-ounce cup of coffee, you should use 4 tablespoons of syrup or 8 pumps of syrup. However, most brands also supply sugar-free options.

Sweetening Syrups

If you are looking for syrup to only sweeten your coffee or add to its taste, you should use regular sweetening syrups. They are smoother than adding sugar packets to your coffee because they are made with powdered sugar. They also are not flavored with anything but coffee taste.

Torani Coffee Syrup is made with coffee flavoring, so it can be used to highlight your coffee’s flavor. Autocrat Coffee Syrup is part of Rhode Island’s state drink and has been running since the 1930s. It is affordable, contains no artificial sweeteners, and can be used in both coffee and in other drinks. It is made of syrup, water, coffee, and caramel coloring. However, it also contains high fructose corn syrup, and many people say it tastes too sweet. Another syrup to use is Tate & Lyle Fairtrade Pure Cane Sugar Classic Simple Syrup. It is certified Fairtrade, sustainable, and global, and has a thick but subtle flavor. The company has also been handling pure cane sugar for over 150 years.

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Flavored Syrups

If you are looking for a syrup to add some kind of flavor to your coffee, there are a plethora of options to fit all your needs. Flavored syrups do more than just sweeten your coffee drinks; they actually add different flavors that compliment the espresso flavor. The companies mentioned before making some of the best-flavored espresso syrups.

DaVinci Syrups

DaVinci Syrups, as stated before, have a wide range of flavors to choose from. The company has been running since 1989 and specializes in sugar-free syrup options. The DaVinci Gourmet Caramel Coffee Syrup or the DaVinci Gourmet Vanilla Syrup is a good starting point, as these flavors will be the most subtle in your coffee.

They are both sugar-free and use Splenda as a sugar substitute, and are made with high-quality ingredients. They also don’t cause curdling in dairy products but can have a slightly bitter or chemical aftertaste. If you are looking for other flavors, do not worry, because they have a lot.

One of these would be the DaVinci Gourmet Naturals Syrup Hawaiian Salted Caramel. It, too, is made with only natural ingredients like real botanical extracts, and it mixes especially well with cold drinks. Sadly it has a pretty weak flavor so you may have to use a lot to be able to taste it through your coffee.

Torani Syrups

Another popular company is Torani, which has been running since 1925. The first flavored latte was made using their syrup. They have over 100 flavor choices, so you will always be able to find a syrup to use in your coffee. In addition to coffee, you can add Torani syrups to soda, cocktails, and can use them for cooking because of their large flavor range.

If you are looking to use many flavors, the Torani Variety Pack Caramel, French Vanilla, Vanilla & Hazelnut would be a great choice. This four-pack contains some of their most popular flavors so you will have room to explore. All of the syrups have strong flavors, and the vanilla and hazelnut will pair especially well with a dark roast coffee. It is also only made with all-natural ingredients, pure cane sugar, and filtered cold water.

The bright colors of all the syrups will also look nice in your drink if you are looking for products that will be aesthetically pleasing. However, they have a possibly unpleasant aftertaste, and you are committing to four syrups. There is also the Torani Classic Hazelnut and the Torani Sugar-Free Hazelnut.

The Classic Hazelnut uses pure cane sugar and no high fructose corn syrup and is best for mochas, lattes, or iced coffee. The Sugar-Free Hazelnut uses Splenda as an artificial sweetener but still keeps its authentic and delicious taste. It has a strong taste and is made with premium ingredients, but could possibly leave a stale aftertaste.

Monin Syrups

Monin is a french company that prides themselves on their green packaging and labeling. The syrup bottles are BPA-free, and they have recycled enough syrup for 374 billion bees! They also have a lot of different flavors, ranging from gingerbread to lavender to chocolate cookie.

Their sugar-free line tastes just as good and is as flavorful as their regular syrups. If you are hoping to buy a collection of flavors, you can try the Monin Gourmet Flavorings Premium Coffee Collection. It is a kit made of four different syrup flavors, and it contains a recipe card to help you get started. You can also try the Monin Organic Vanilla Syrup, which is made with Madagascar vanilla beans and organic cane sugar.

It also has no artificial flavors, is gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO while maintaining a rich and smooth flavor. It also sadly has a short shelf life and a possible chemical taste. Another option is the Monin Caramel Syrup, which has a buttery and creamy caramel flavor. It is Kosher certified, gluten-free, allergen-free, and contains no synthetic sweeteners, flavors, or colors. While it is made with only high-quality ingredients, it still has a slightly unpleasant aftertaste.

Upouria Syrups

Upouria has a decent amount of flavor options, and you can get two with the Upouria French Vanilla & Caramel Flavored Syrup. You get both for a good price, and both are good for lattes and cappuccinos. They are naturally flavored, gluten-free, Halal & Kosher certified, and vegan.

They have also been found to be watery and not flavorful. Another option is the Upouria Caramel Syrup, which has a sweet and creamy taste of toasted sugar. It is gluten-free, Kosher certified, with no artificial sugars or flavorings, and is made with only premium ingredients. However, you will need to use a large amount for a strong taste.

Jordan’s Skinny Syrups

Jordan’s Skinny Syrups have a large range of flavors, so you will always have options that are healthy for you. Jordan’s Skinny Syrups Caramel Collection Syrup Trio contains salted caramel, caramel pecan, and vanilla caramel crème. They also have zero sugar, zero calories, zero carbs, and are kosher and gluten-free.

Unlike many syrups, it has no bad aftertaste and still has a sweet taste without the added sugar. Jordan’s Skinny Syrup Irish Cream also has zero calories and zero sugar. The Sugar-Free English Toffee Jordan’s Skinny Syrups are gluten-free, kosher, zero sugar, zero calories, and zero carb.

Jordan’s Skinny Syrup Caramel Pecan has a good value and is sugar-free. Sometimes the flavor can be odd, but it will usually compliment lattes best. Jordan’s Skinny Gourmet Caramel is low calorie, zero sugar, and works well in any drink. It has a very good shelf life if you refrigerate it, and has a strong and sweet flavor with no unpleasant aftertaste. Sadly you may need to use a lot of it to get the full flavor.

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Starbucks Syrups

Starbucks obviously has a long variety of flavors, and if you like them in the store you will probably enjoy them in your own coffee. The Starbucks Cinnamon Dulce Syrup is authentic and actually used in Starbucks stores. It has a long shelf life and remains sweet.

It does not have a lot of cinnamon flavor, and it is expensive. Starbucks Caramel Syrup is made with sugar, water, and natural flavor. It is also authentic, high-quality, and can be added to any drink type. However, it is known to become stale quickly but has a stronger taste than the Cinnamon Dulce Syrup.


They have a pretty good range of flavors, and they have a lot of unique flavors. The Amoretti Peppermint Syrup is best in blended or iced drinks and is made with only natural flavors and premium ingredients. It only has 35 calories per pump and has a good flavor with no artificial colors. It can be used in several ways, but it could be a waste of money because of the unappealing taste of peppermint during other parts of the year.


They are a chocolate company, so these Ghirardelli Squeeze Bottles are specially made for espresso but can be used on ice cream and in hot chocolate. The company was created by an Italian chocolatier in the early 1800s. The squeeze bottle syrups have a rich and smooth taste, a strong taste, and are made with only high-quality ingredients. Sadly they have a really short shelf life and could become clumpy after being opened.

Odd Flavored Syrups

Not only will these strange flavors add a kick to your drink, they will also give it an aesthetic upgrade. Giving these odd syrups a try might help you find your new favorite flavor. There are many options to choose from when looking at these unique flavors, too.

The Torani Lavender Syrup is made by a company with a good reputation, so you will know that the ingredients are premium. The floral taste of this syrup is fresh and is perfect for the bitter taste of espresso.

The D’arbo Syrup Single Bottle Elderflower has a sweet taste but also has a musky and clean taste. D’arbo has been running since 1879. The elderflower syrup is made with pure cane sugar, 50% real fruit, and contains no preservatives. It has no synthetic flavor and a strong taste to show through your coffee. However, it is expensive and has been found to have a bitter aftertaste and a somewhat overpowering lemon flavor.

Making Your Own Syrup

If you are looking to make your own coffee syrup, it is pretty simple. This is a great way to manage all the ingredients that are being put into your coffee syrups.

To make two cups of syrup, you will need one cup of sugar and one cup of water. Put these together into a saucepan, and stir it until it comes to a gentle boil. Once it reaches a boil, let it simmer on a low heat for about 15 minutes.

During this step, you should try to stir it about every two minutes. After fifteen minutes, you should let it cool. Once it’s mostly cooled you should stir in the ingredients necessary to make the desired flavor. To make vanilla syrup, you will need two teaspoons of vanilla extract. For peppermint syrup, use two teaspoons of peppermint extract, or you can also use four drops of peppermint oil. If you want to make caramel syrup, you will need 1/3 cup of caramel sauce. After stirring in this flavoring, pour your flavored syrup into a container and add it to your collection of coffee syrups.

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