Colada vs Cortadito – Cuban Espressos Compared!

If you have been looking into the different types of Cuban coffee, you have probably encountered a lot of different drinks that seem similar. You also may be wondering what the difference is between them, especially between the Colada and the Cortadito. Knowing that, you may be wondering if there is a difference between them, and what that difference is. Although both drinks have the same basic components, there are a few key differences.

What is a Cortadito?

A Cortadito is pretty similar to a Cortado. A Cortado, like the Cortadito, is a one-to-one ratio of steamed milk and espresso. The difference is that the Cortadito contains pre-sweetened espresso, and is also made with Cuban coffee. The Cortadito also has a light brown foam topping, called espuma, which is sugar and espresso whipped together.

What is a Colada?

A Colada is a Cuban coffee, and also has sweetened espresso. It is strong and sweet, and contains no milk. Typically, it is brewed on a stovetop espresso brewer, called a Moka pot, and then served with espuma.

The most important thing to know about the Colada is that it is a social coffee. It is served in a large styrofoam cup along with smaller cups, so that it can be shared around. Because of the large Cuban population, it is popular in Southern Florida.

Colada Vs Cortadito

For similarities, they are both Cuban coffees, and thus are both made with Cuban espresso beans. They also are both topped with espuma, which increases the sweet taste. In terms of how they are made, they are both made most authentically using a Moka pot, instead of an espresso machine.

There are a few important differences, though. The first is that the Colada is made with absolutely no milk, while the Cortadito has a one-to-one ratio of steamed milk and espresso. The other difference is that the Colada contains more than one serving, since it is meant to be shared. When you order a Colada, it comes in a large styrofoam cup, along with multiple smaller cups for sharing. The Cortadito, on the other hand, is a single serving of espresso, and is usually a small dessert coffee.

How to Make Them

Since a Colada is basically just multiple servings of traditional Cuban coffee, it is not very difficult to make. However, make sure that you’re prepared to share it, as it usually serves four to six people. If you are making a Cortadito, it will be almost the same recipe, except it will only make one serving.

Firstly, you will want to prepare your Cuban espresso in a Moka pot. Put your coffee grounds into the Moka pot and then put it on the stovetop to brew. While it is brewing, you should put around four tablespoons of sugar into a separate cup.

Once a small amount of coffee is ready, around one fluid ounce, pour that in with the sugar. Then, start whisking this espresso with the sugar until it forms a light brown froth, which is your espuma.

After the rest of the espresso is brewed, pour it in with the espuma that you have already made, and stir it all again until all of the sugar has dissolved. Now you have your coffee, ready to be shared. If you are making a Cortadito, this step will be a little different. After pouring the espresso in with the espuma, make sure that the espresso only takes up around half the cup. Now take some steamed milk and pour it in with the espuma and the espresso, making sure that the milk and espresso stays in a one-to-one ratio.

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